Emergency Basket Tutorial


Last night I finally finished my ‘Emergency Basket’ tutorial and you can find it here and it’s free!

Here is the original basket that I gifted at the weekend:


And here is v3 – two more being required to perfect the pattern for the tutorial:


I wanted the basket base to be decorative in its own right, that way, there’s no need to feel that it has to be filled.

I hope you enjoy it.

Meanwhile…I am in the middle of a new project we’ll code name ‘flowers’ and it’s beginning to look a little like this:

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And that’s what I need to be getting back to right now.

Enjoy your Tuesday folks and I will be back soon!








Party week is crafty week!

Last week was birthday week here at T&T HQ and, boy, was it busy! So much so that blogging and my usual crafting went totally out of the window but my big little man is just so very worth it!

A few months ago, he requested a dinosaur cake. I found an image to use for inspiration that I could work with and felt fairly happy that I could achieve it. Then I started plotting for a dinosaur themed party.

We made papier mache dino eggs – which T&T both helped with – you can see the finished eggs on the birthday party table below.IMG_3627 IMG_3632

Mr T&T helped me to making dino bunting. I drew the templates and did the cutting out – my craft scissors are mine and only mine!

IMG_3641 IMG_3655

And I also whipped up some dino foot prints.


And, Ta da!!! We decorated the boy shed. Sadly We ran out of time to get it properly finished but it is functional and, for two small boys, that’s all that matters.

IMG_3645 IMG_3648

…and then came the cakes. Mr Toad had a slight change of heart at the beginning of the week and decided to add a butterfly into the mix, followed by Star Wars!!! Oh, and the cake needed to be pink. I had been planning on blue or green. Pink is Toad’s favourite colour, so I don’t suppose I should have really been all that surprised. But I was. Having two boys, I hadn’t ever imagined creating either butterfly cakes or pink ones but, last week I did both.

We crafted (in the loosest sense of the word) a butterfly cake together for Toad’s actually birthday. Just to be clear, this cake was a butterfly, dinosaur cake whilst the cake made for his party was a dinosaur, butterfly, Star Wars cake. Confused? Well, hopefully, the photographs below will explain things a little.

Here is the Butterfly, Dinosaur Cake:

IMG_3710 IMG_3711


We like to think of it as rustic and Toad had such wonderful fun helping to decorate it and deciding that the dinosaurs should be eating the chocolate sauce.

And here is the Dinosaur, Butterly, Star Wars cake:

IMG_3729  IMG_3736 IMG_3738 IMG_3742 IMG_3743 IMG_3746

Spot the dinosaur and the light sabre:

IMG_3748 Toad’s party was, sadly, small but he loved all of the dino touches and the eggs went down a storm. This morning he polished off the dino’s horns and teeth and, tonight, Tiny snuck a few toes into his little tummy. When T&T are involved, deconstructing pink with blue spots dinosaur, butterfly Star Wars cake turns out to be far more enjoyable than I had imagined!

Thank you for reading


p.s. This week is exciting too…more of that tomorrow!

Shed time in crochet land

View of Liskeard, Cornwall

I’m just swinging by so that you don’t think that I have gone away on a long break again! It’s a busy time here at T&T HQ because it’s the run up to a certain Little Mr Toad’s fourth birthday which means that my creative streak (who am I kidding, it’s a juggernaut?!) has gone in to overdrive. There are also lots of other exciting things going on in the world of T&T which I will tell you about another day.

The BIG project for this birthday is a ‘Boy shed’ (Toad has asked for a shed specifically, not a playhouse, a shed.). Toad has been desperate for one for months and, being completely honest, so have I! This is a gift that will go on creatively giving to me long after The Birthday.- think of all the decoration it is absolutely going to need. Constantly!

We’re up-cycling for this little (or not so little) project using our current garden shed. It came to us with the house and, is in the perfect spot for the Boy Shed, will enable us to further put our own stamp on our little corner of Cornwall and, of course, we’ll save a few pennies doing it this way.

The Shed before the Boy-shed conversion began

This is the progress by half way through yesterday – the front wall is being moved back to make a veranda and little door is going to be added to it together with a window. That wall is currently no more than a frame and Mr T&T is in his element in the construction phase. Of course, my head is swimming with decor ideas.

Shed with wall missing
The deconstruction phase

(It pains me to post such a messy pic, but this is a shed construction site and this is how Mr T&T works.)
I’m really excited today because not only is Mr T&T on holiday, The Boy shed is under construction but I am also going off to spend a couple of hours learning how to Rag Rug as part of Wool Week here in Liskeard. It’s organised by 3 bags full  and I absolutely cannot wait.

Before I go, tho, I thought that you might like a little peek into my world. This is my workspace and, behind it, the amazing view of Cornwall that I have the joy of waking up to every day. I’m a very lucky girl!

View of Liskeard
My view of beautiful Cornwall

Thanks for joining me again today.

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