Hi, I’m Lou, welcome to the world of Tiny & Toad.

I set up this page on 27 December 2014 in preparation to make good on at least one of my New Year’s resolutions for 2015 – to start and maintain a blog.

When I started this blog, within this about section, I told you that I dreamt of opening a craft shop and, on 16 October 2015, I actually did it! I opened my own Etsy shop where you will find my ever expanding range of home decor with a decidedly crochet twist. This blog is mainly about my creative life but every now and then I’ll throw in something a little different just to keep us all on our toes!

A bit about me:

I’m a hearts and flowers girl on a constant mission to create pretty things and places.  More importantly, I am a Mum of two slugs and snails (that’s Tiny & Toad!) and we live with their Daddy in Cornwall.

If I’m not crafting, I’m thinking about the next project. That’s of course, when I am not looking after and thinking about my little guys. 

Crochet is my passion – no matter how many times I put it down to experiment with a new craft, I always end up picking it up again and that, of course, means that I am a total yarnaholic. My favourite yarns to hook with are cottons and if I can craft into or around a heart or a flower then all the better!


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