What do you love ?

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I’m sharing something that I love…and it isn’t crochet or Mr T&T or Tiny & Toad themselves – that would hardly be news.

As I told you in my last post…some time ago…I’m intending to take this blog in a slightly different direction this year and I’ve spent much of the last month mulling over which path it is that motivates me, because I just couldn’t quite gel with a diary style of writing. When I think about it, I’ve started several diaries in my life but kept only one consistently – a travel blog of the 7 months that Mr T&T and I spent travelling in 2010/11. I had great inspiration for that and, of course, help in writing it.

If you fancy a trip down our memory lane, you can find that blog here – that’s a link to what we were doing exactly 5 years ago and writing it as a diary was obvious and instinctive. It was a blog full of pictures of views and, appropriately enough, the blogging life of Tiny & Toad also started with a stunning view, this one:


This blog also began as a diary.  I love, and follow, several that are written in such a style and, until this week, it hadn’t entered my consciousness that perhaps keeping an online diary isn’t quite the right fit for me. Truthfully, I don’t feel any great need to record life chronologically (reading records kept by others is far, far more fun) and for me to do so feels at times artificial and, more often than not, a little bit of a chore. Whilst I am not particularly alternative in nature, I don’t usually feel any strong need to follow the crowd which is a philosophy that translates into my handcrafted designs  and, I’ve realised, it is thus non-sensical for me to mimic the blogging style of those that I admire. It’s also no great surprise that I haven’t found a way to thrive on that mimicry, so why not do it my own way? 

I think you call that a lightbulb moment.

I’ve been having lots of fun on Instagram lately and it’s never a chore to update it so, it seems to me that, if I am going to mimic anything it should be that.  When you think about it, the key difference, between something becoming second nature or a right royal pain in the neck, is that we are invested in the result because we gain something from it. We do what we do because we enjoy it and/or it satisfies a material or emotional need.

That’s where I am with my Instagram feed. I’m really enjoying creating lovely images and connecting with other creative people (and hopefully some customers too). Sure, I am creating an image there. Telling a visual story about who I am and what’s great about my products but I wouldn’t be doing it that way if it wasn’t fun. Lately, some of that joy has come from sharing inspirational words as well as pretty pictures. 

Today, as storm Imogen continued to howl through our little corner of South-East Cornwall, I got to wondering what inspirational things have been said about wind. It might be capable of huge destruction, but I felt sure that someone somewhere must have once put a positive spin on it and I was right. In fact, quite a few have. There was one quote, in particular, that stood out and it was this:



Consider this your notice that I’ve taken Dolly’s words on board and I’m in the throes of adjusting T&T blog’s sails. I’m turning my attention to working with the tools available to me – after all, that’s what I do each time I sit down to create a flower, a wreath or bunting. Really, that’s what we all do every day of our lives.

Here goes then…my materials are my love of words, my fascination with the human mind and my love of hand making pretty things (there it is, love, twice in one sentence and a complete absence of the ‘c’ word!)…and my imagination.


Now we’re set fair, there’s no knowing where our imaginations might take us, do come along for the ride.

Much love


p.s. I’d love to hear about what you love


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