Well, that was August

How did August pass quite so quickly? One moment it was still July and, the next, I realise that I have gone a whole calendar month without blogging.

So, to set September off on the right tack; here’s a canter through late July and all of August…

This project is now over a year old! It’s an Attic24 Ripple Blanket pattern using my own choice of colours, I love it but my eye is easily turned by the prospect of a quick, smaller project and it therefore remains unfinished. It is going to cover th seat of one of my sofas when finished.


My very oldest friend said hello to twins in April and I met them in July, complete with handmade gifts, of course!

IMG_2149 IMG_2153 IMG_2160 IMG_2161 IMG_2162 IMG_2187


Not to forget my never-ending obsession with ‘forever’ flowers…which has resulted in a growing new obsession – felt.

IMG_2193 IMG_2194 IMG_2195 IMG_2198 IMG_2200 IMG_2203

I finally made the post with my god-daughter’s cardi:


….and making a grown up sized version is currently top of my crochet bucket list!

Sunflowers are my new favourite flower:


…but as Autumn beckons, I am feeling to need to experiment with bringing rich coloured leaves into my creations.

Of course, there have been hearts to go with all of the flowers:


Toad and I had a lovely afternoon of paper aeroplane making which I had to take to the tiniest extent possible. Thank goodness for Pinterest, without which I would have been floundering.


My reading corner cushion is now finished and in situ



Christmas crafting began – this is the first of 24 mittens which I am going to turn into Tiny’s advent calendar.


It’s made to my own pattern, but I seem to have forgotten to write it down. First rule of crochet pattern design – write it down!!!

And, most importantly, it was Tiny’s second birthday…which meant getting creative in the kitchen.

IMG_2497  IMG_2518 IMG_2523

Cake decorating and I could definitely find better terms with one another, but I was rather pleased with the finished product…just don’t look too closely. Tiny is allergic to dairy and soya and the whole thing is therefore dairy free, soya free.


It’s Toad’s birthday next month and, apparently, he’s having a dinosaur and aeroplane in one cake – wish me luck with that one!

There has been time for a little personal indulgence – I have made over the spare room in to a craft room masquerading as a spare room. I absolutely love it. Still some final touches to put in place, but it’s the girl cave I have dreamt of.

IMG_2528  IMG_2530 IMG_2531

My in-laws celebrated their ruby wedding and I managed to rope in Mr T&T to help with the decorations. He’s very precise which was exactly the skill I needed.

IMG_2607 IMG_2608


I created my own heart pattern, this one was as a thank you gift for a wonderful friend:

…and the next, well, I think that’s obvious.

IMG_2637  IMG_2640 IMG_2641

Christmas is pretty much all my crafty brain can think of at the moment and, as hard as I try, I am sure that there will be “must-crafts” that I don’t manage to make for this Christmas and will wait another year. This year, it’s going to go as rustic as I can manage. And I can’t get holly out of my mind.

I spent a lovely morning at Cowslip Workshops, Launceston with a friend (if you are passing you really should pop in) the fabric and sewing shop is an Aladdin’s cave of all things lovely, the cafe is not only beautiful but uses organic and local ingredients and the friendly staff were very helpful in identifying dairy and soya free foods. Even if you aren’t into sewing, it’s worth visiting just to spend an hour or so soaking up the crafty vibe over a pot of tea and a slice of whatever takes your fancy.

That afternoon I had a quick hand-sewing lesson from my friend – perfect for adding another Christmas decoration to my stash.


Some of you may have heard of the yarny extravaganza that is Yarndale. It is a festival of yarn held annually in Skipton, Yorkshire, this year on 26 and 27 September. I would love to go – and am working on a plan that puts me in the right place at the right time this year.

Each year, there’s a group project whereby yarn addicts all over the world contribute to something big. One year, it was bunting, last year mandalas and this year its  “Flowers for memories” which you can read more about here. My contribution had to be roses and had to be pink:


And, finally, this little guy came to life:

IMG_2670  IMG_2678

He is very much version 1, and I am learning how to make proper claws:


There are several other adjustments that I want to make. V2 absolutely didn’t work and is one of the few of my more recent creations to be shoved straight in a drawer upon completion – that’s what happens when you stop using patterns and create from the heart. He’s sitting on my lounge window ledge at the moment making sure I don’t forget to hook up a friend for him.

So, watch this space for V3. He’s going to be Christmassy…it’d be unseasonal not to, wouldn’t it?

Here’s to a creative and happy September.




5 thoughts on “Well, that was August

  1. I really enjoyed reading your blog, once I come back from my holiday I really must get the crochet hook out, and also look at the magazine that has come each month. Amanda.x


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