I missed you

Let’s just say that life has been complicated and complication does not complement creativity.

The thing I’ve learnt about creativity is that it won’t be confined indefinitely. I think it was our family ‘holiday’ to Glastonbury that hooked my mojo out of whichever cupboard it had been hiding in, and what better place to find it?

I had to take bunting for the tent. I am having something of a love affair with it. But, I couldn’t just take bunting, I had to make it. I found a fab pattern at Cherry Heart which I put my own spin on, going for unusually vibrant colours. Glastonbury seemed to require that:


This a pretty quick pattern to hook up and I loved watching my little pile of triangles grow. That thing was, they weren’t quite triangular in shape so I decided that this was the moment to have a go at ‘blocking’. I have no idea if I did it correctly, but it worked!



Blocked triangles on the left, unblocked on the right

But what of the transport?

Tent prettification well under way, our attention turned to the question on the lips of every festival goer with small people. What ARE we going to do with them? The Glastonbury site is huge, there’s no two ways about it and we were going to have to take lots of stuff. Lots and lots of stuff.

Really, there was only ever going to be one solution, the Festival Trolley.

Take one garden trolley, introduce a woman who has nil sewing ability and her brilliant measurer of a husband to her dusty, once used sewing machine, throw in several very late nights and a burnt out (probably) bobbin winder and…ta dah!!!



And here she is in action:

Notice the colourful blanket covering the top half of T&T? Well, it’s an Attic24 Cosy Stripe and was such joy to hook – as are all of Lucy’s patterns that I have tried. I switched Stylecraft DK for Chunky (the Wool Warehouse Attic24 Special Chunky rainbow pack) and a 6mm hook and it worked up beautifully quickly.

Here it is as I was starting the border. The happy by product of the need for speed was that, in chunky yarn, this blanket is super-duper cosy and, even in midsummer, late evenings can get chilly.

G -day came and, I feel I need to admit, the ends weren’t all darned in. However, not to be defeated, I popped a hook (just incase) and a needle and finished it off whilst we were there – Thursday night when there was little else going on. They came in handy (together with the oddments of yarn I had slipped in at the last minute – again, in case of emergency) for hooking up some soft toy tethers – which allowed us to tie these little boy essentials to the trolley and thereby avoid the inevitable drama of a loss.

And, what an amazing time we had, vastly improved by the fact that Mr T&T had gone ahead to set up our tent, queueing before the gates had even opened.

Here’s a few of the best bits (and my Glasto-ized wrist!).



I have tried to do the Glastonbury experience justice but my word smithery falls short of the mark. However, a family member summed it up pretty well when, a week later, she asked if we were still suffering from the post-Glasto blues. I am quite sure that we were. Nobody wanted it to come to an end and the flushing loos, hot showers and mud free floors of home were no real compensation for the wonderful experience that we left in that beautiful corner of Somerset.

Appeasing those blues

Crochet, of course!

I came across a lovely pattern for a girl’s cardi in issue 32 of Simply Crochet magazine. I have a very special god daughter who absolutely needs a new cardi, so I picked my own colour scheme and away I went. To my surprise it came together in one evening minus the buttons and darning in.

I really am considering creating this beauty in a grown up size.

At the beginning of the year I set myself some crafty goals:

1. To start a blog  – but for a huge gap, done.

2. To publish my first pattern – the heart from that you can find here

3. To make my first crochet garment – woo hoo, done and what a lovely pattern to choose for that particular first.

4. To produce a replica of my wedding bouquet in something woolly (it) – I’ll come back to you (soon I hope) on that one!

7 months in, a creative black hole and I’m doing pretty well on my 2015 wish list!

On the topic of flowers – here’s my first ever bouquet – well, it’s more a of a posy really but it sits on my hall window ledge and makes me smile every time I walk past it.


I’ll always be a hearts and flowers girl.


Thank you to Tina Barrett whom I had the pleasure of meeting yesterday at our local show and who galvanised me in to action with her very kind words just when I needed them.

I promise not to leave it five months until you hear from me again!



(p.s. my apologies for the totally random sizing of the photos in this blog – I had an argument with technology and it won! I need to work on that.)


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