Writer’s block compounded by accidental deletion

…does not make me a happy girl!

I just closed the web page that I had been typing on for half an hour. That hurt!

And breathe, where was I? Oh yes…

I have been suffering from writer’s block. This is both a bit of a pain and a bit of a pleasure – don’t I need to be a writer to suffer from such an affliction? I’ve been thinking about what I would like my relationship with blogging to be, this is something that I am doing for the joy and I don’t want it ever to become a toil or an obligation. So, if i have nothing to say, silence is the best policy in my book.

On Sunday evening, I was busy in silence. Sitting on the sofa feeling totally exhausted when I got to thinking. Half an hour or so into thinking, a challenge set by my Dad on Tuesday dangled along. He’s in to growing orchids. In a temperature controlled indoor greenhouse kind of way and he beautifully described the colour variation on a paphiopedilum as he wondered out loud if I might be able to crochet one. I had searched for a pattern and failed to find one and rather forgotten all about it. But, there it was that evening poking at my subconscious and as I thought, I started to plan and planning just blossomed into creating.


Funny what can happen during Call the Midwife!

Accepted it is more abstract that realistic, but this was my first attempt at 3D without a pattern and I think it worked out ok. I have already shared my little Orchid on a Crochet Facebook group and a lady has asked me for the pattern. What a privilege! I am planning to refine the pattern and make another, but I have never written a pattern, ever! Thankfully, the lady wants to put an orchid or two in a bouquet for her friend’s wedding in a year’s time. So I’ve got time to get it right!

I usually upload the photos for my blogs before I start writing but this week it I left that task until between this paragraph and the one above. That process has rather helped to explain the reason for my writing block – there has been a whole lot of crochet. I have two under 4s, work three days a week and have had visitors over the weekend and still I seem to have churned out quite a few projects.

Having finished my Valentine’s wreath (which you can read about here) I found I needed a totally different project. It’s a throw for my lounge and it is in beautiful Peruvian Cascade ecological wool in vanilla you can find it here.

This photo does it no justice. It is so wonderfully soft and, is going to make the most beautifully cuddly throw/blanket.



I knew that I wanted a chunky yet pretty pattern and came across a pattern for a “Wink of Pink” cowl on page 65 of Simply Crochet issue 27 which I thought I could adjust to make a blanket simple, just don’t join one end to the other. Or so I thought…

I call my blanket a ‘happy accident’ because I misread the pattern and produced something just a little different. But I love it:



I think I should admit that I am not so good at repetitive crochet. I get bored. So, the blanket, a few rows in, is currently sitting in a drawer because something else inspired me. I will finish it, just not this week!

One work lunchtime I had a little Hobbycraft spree and found myself fascinated by self striping (perhaps it is also called variegated?) yarn. In theory, at least, it really isn’t my thing but I just couldn’t stop stopping at one in particular. I just thought it would go beautifully with the papier-mache letters that I already had in my basket. So, I bought a ball:


I had four letters to make little covers for and made a good start with the first:


and the second and third (see below!) but got really stuck with number four – the ‘e’:


At the point at which I took the above photo I was really beginning to think that I had seriously over-estimated my abilities. Covering the second half of the letter was a good bit of a challenge and I am sure that there is a better way than mine but I did, eventually, make it work.


Have you guessed what the middle two letters are yet?


It’s Valentine’s coming up so it had to be a bit more……



I love it! I am definitely not sold on this type of yarn and will be sticking to single coloured balls in future (ooh, apart from the Eastery coloured self striping yarn that I bought at the same time) but I do love the overall effect on my little letters. I can’t wait to roll them out for Valentine’s weekend.  G doesn’t do Valentine’s so I am not sure he’s going to know what’s hit him on Saturday morning. Tho, he has been warned!

Somewhere between the ‘L’ and the ‘o’ of my Love letters, my mother-in-law had a knee replacement op and was in a hospital with a no fresh flowers policy. I decided to do a little something about that with the help of a lovely pattern from Repeatcrafterme. The original flowers were made in pink, but I went for blues to match her lounge:


I really, really wished I didn’t have to give this cute little posy away but dispatched Toad and G off to the hospital with it on Saturday afternoon. And it was appreciated, which ultimately made giving it away painless (well, almost).

It’s pretty tiny and I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for tiny things:



This is a really quick make and lots of fun. I think I might schedule an evening to make myself a posy very soon.

There’s more crochet that I have just managed to shoe horn in in time for this blog but, first, here’s something way more important:


The Toad came home from nursery with a Valentine’s present for me yesterday and I nearly exploded with pride. This may have been a guided project but, I am pretty sure, he’s picked up at least a little bit of my crafty genetic code after all!! This morning he was telling me how he had picked the colours. When asked if the pink beads were picked for him or me, his reply was “for all of us”. Oh my goodness, moments like that are just so precious. We’ve added a ribbon and found a window to hang it in. I think we’ll display it until well past 14th February.

…and finally, this morning, I found myself feeling sorry for my hyacinths languishing in a boring brown pot:


They just look like they need a bit of love don’t they?

So…I yarn bombed it!

Ta dah!!!!


G may be right to worry that I might one day crochet a cover for the roof after all. Now that would be something to blog about!




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