Let there be love

Sunday night is blog night. G is nearly always out and, in the few short weeks since the year began, I have grown to look forward to sitting down with my thoughts, laptop and the images that I have amassed over the preceding days and beginning the process of sharing.

Most mothers need to share, need human touchstones through which they can establish that they and their children are there, or thereabouts the right place.

Historically, women have supported and needed the support of women as they set about the worrisome, exhausting and tremendously rewarding task of mothering. Whereas our foremothers (;-)) formed familial sisterhoods, for most modern women that network is now so far flung that ‘tea and cake’, ‘chatterbox’ and playgroups boasting playmates for our offspring, caffeine to treat our sleep deprivation and hoards of other women in exactly the same boat have taken up the slack. Soon to be joined by websites, Facebook pages and blogs devoted to sharing the highs and lows of life’s most incredible journey.

For me, sharing, empathising and identifying with my Mummy friends is a vital part of my week. Those girls can breathe new life into me when I am feeling beaten, share in my joys like no other and are among the few people that I would leave my children with without a second thought because I know how well they would be cared for.

My other, equally crucial, pick me up is, of course, crochet and I have had so much fun with it in the last week.

I have been finishing my Valentine’s wreath and I am just so delighted with the outcome. It has been through so many variations as I have pinned and re-pinned my embellishments, crated a few more and thought better of others.

The funny thing is that it hasn’t turned out at all as I had initially imagined. Like most of my creations, it grew organically, taking many twists and turns along the way until I was finally happy enough to whip out my glue gun and commit to the final design.

This is roughly where I was when I last popped by:


One evening, I found myself re-organising my craft table when I came across the large pale pink rose in the top left hand corner. I made it in the summer but it didn’t make it into my little rose posy. The poor little no-mates has however become a key part of my wreath – it’s pretty much the only part that hasn’t moved since the above photo was taken.

I have a bit of a hatred of darning in ends. G politely pointed out when I was gazing dreamily at my creation and all its ends on Thursday night and asking him what he thought, that it’s rather hard to tell with all of those ends in the way.

I can see through those ends and they don’t concern me – the pins are quite a different matter. I have however decided that G is right – leaving it all to the end is not the wisest plan – as I had stored up a painfully boring job for myself. So, next time, I shall tidy up as I go along. Promise!

Somewhere along the way, I also came across some miniature bunting that I had whipped up in blue one evening for lack of anything else on my hook and they gave me a lovely little idea – bunting to match my wreath. Here’s the start of it, ends and all!



And once I had dreamed up the bunting pattern, I just kept surfing the world wide web for ideas and dreaming up little embelishments just to make my wreath even more special.

      IMG_0302 There are crochet pom poms


…and fluffy little woolly pom poms


and flowers; crochet flowers, felt flowers and even little teeny tiny ones!

IMG_0353           IMG_0351IMG_0349IMG_0354

And, oh, how I pontificated over the perfect home for each of my pretty little blooms. I think I got it right – at least, I did my very best.

Then on to the bunting. Happily I had space for just four little pennants – there’s an obvious word for a Valentine’s wreath which is…


With my bunting labelled, it was time to finally set to on darning in those ends. G was right, it is was so much easier to see what I was aiming for once those dingly dangly ends had disappeared.


I thought that I was there with the final layout when I took this pic. The me wielding a glue gun had other ideas however. It must have been the effect of relieving the pins of their business, because nearly all of those little blooms took a little jaunt to a new home in the final hour of creation.



Then, before I knew it, it was finished. Minus the felt hearts which, a week ago, I was certain were necessary and the buttons which remained part of the final line up until the very last moment. Apparently, I just can’t let myself go completely over the top.

Whoooo hooooo, here she is, in all here hearts and flowers glory:

IMG_0379I can’t tell you how much joy just looking at this gives me – I slept with it on my bedside table on Friday night, just in case something should happen to it over night. Of course, it didn’t!

Happy Valentine’s!!



p.s. If you were wondering about the little wooden heart, it is made by East of India Company and says “Sunshine always follows the rain” – I have two little rays of sunshine before whom we weathered quite a storm.


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