I’m a hearts and flowers girl

I am, I absolutely am. There is little that makes me happier than a freshly opened or created bloom or adding to my extensive collection of hearts. Such is my love of flowers that even Toad knows that “Mummy likes flowers”. He’s three and, if he and G ever go to the supermarket together, Toad insists that they come home with a bunch of flowers for me. He always picks the flowers and, once, I was even lucky enough to receive two bunches! The joy on his face as he rushes towards me with the words “Mummy we got you flowers” could make even a half eaten daisy seem like that very beautiful thing that I had always wanted.

It’s not just fresh flowers that grab me. I’ve become a little bit obsessed with creating handmade forever flowers with just about any pretty thing that I can’t lay my hands on. These are my first forever bouquet:




They sit on a window ledge in my hall and they bring sunshine in on even the dreariest of days. Even better, they don’t need watering (I’m not too good at remembering that) and will never wilt. I have whiled away many a happy hour researching forever flowers on Pinterest and Ravelry and I do think that I might have to try them all. Flowers made from the pages of a favourite book (in my case, it would have to be Jane Eyre), felt flowers, button flowers, crochet, knitted and sewn flowers. You name a media, and I’m pretty sure it could be re-purposed into a bouquet.

We’ve also been enjoying growing our own miniature daffodils this week – one moment they were just buds and the next they had bloomed. I think I am more excited than Tiny and Toad…and I would really like to fill my window ledge with them.


We had a happy little floral accident too. A couple of weeks ago, Toad picked up two hydrangea heads that were lying on the road outside our house. We pushed them all around town in the bottom of the buggy and, later, he insisted on storing them in a drawer in the kitchen. Whilst looking for something at the weekend I stumbled across them and, look, they have dried but retained their beautiful soft blue colour – I really thought they would just shrivel up!


Toad was quite fascinated by the new papery texture that the blooms had adopted in their time in the drawer…so much so that I had to restrain him from destroying them… and I have made a fortuitous addition to my forever flower collection.

Ah, but what of the hearts? Well, my collection is just growing and growing and growing. I am working on a Valentine’s wreath. Perhaps, two if I can conjure up the time from somewhere…I do have a child free afternoon on Wednesday…

One of my goals is to publish a pattern this year – as I find myself increasingly creating pieces to match with the images that I see in my mind’s eye – and it is probably going to be a heart. I am starting simply and have been experimenting with variations on the basic shape. Here is my elongated heart:


There have been several other versions, but this is the one that I am most pleased with and that will also find its way into my valentine’s wreath:


Once I had the basic design, I decided to work on an outer row:





I’ve started putting my wreath together and, in doing so, I am discovering that what I had imagined isn’t what is asking to be made. I had planned something utterly over the top but it’ turning into something s little more simple (but not an awful lot!).

The crochet heart obsession began when I received an exciting parcel from the people at Twool. This amazing stuff is made from Sheep’s wool and is a cross between wool and twine. You can read more about it here. Even more excitingly, it’s made in Devon so didn’t have to travel that far to get to me. It comes with a lovely little information notelet









These two little spools are 35 metres long – I wanted to test it out before investing in  the larger 100m spools and it won’t be long before I order more. This stuff really is soft and easy to work with and I found a 4mm hook to be just the right size.IMG_0122_2

IMG_0141Look what leapt off my hook!


This yarn would be perfect for something outdoorsy – I have in mind something to spruce up my outdoor table when the weather improves, but for now these little beauties have found their way to a spare hook in my hall. Watch this space for more on Twool.

…and finally, remember that second Woo Hoo moment I promised myself?

Well, here it is:

Woooo Hoooo!!! My tea coaster set is finished and in use and just looking at its beautiful vibrance makes me smile:


IMG_0117_2_2And the next Woo hoo moment is well on the way here’s a little taster of my Valentine’s delight:


I am really excited by this one – more very soon.




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