Just popping by

Hi folks, just popping by to say that I am still here! Life has been tremendously hectic this week and, whilst I have had lots of creative thoughts, I have had little opportunity to sleep let alone create!

Tonight, before packing for a night away, I am hoping to find time to make my milk jug coaster to compliment my hot blue, hot pink and jute Lily Sugar n Cream Teapot stand and coasters. I’ll just have to see how quickly my fingers can work!

In amongst all the crazy, I’ve been reorganising (and, dare I say, expanding) my craft space and, in the process, I’ve realised just how much my lovely ‘little’ collection has grown since we moved here in July. Of course, there’s always room for more!

Here’s a really quite poor photograph of how far I’ve got – not very! I am currently day dreaming about putting shelves up above my table so that I’ve actually got a clear work space.


The photo was taken at about 11:30pm last night when I really should have been in bed. This became blisteringly clear this morning, when both of us grown ups overslept. Waking up late and finding snow on the ground are not the greatest combination. Still, the boys made it to nursery and we made it to work just in the nick of time, so all was well.

And now I am going to disappear and make that milk jug coaster before the evening runs away with itself. It really, really needs to be created!



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