Are you still calling it A&E? Don’t be old fashioned, it’s been the ED since 2002.

Apparently, it’s been the ED (Emergency Department) for 12 years. I know this, because we spent Friday afternoon on our first trip to the ED with Toad and, a good hour, watching the screen saver (including the above friendly reminder) on the computer in the examination room scrolling, and scrolling … and scrolling.

The short story starts with: it had been a short night. After three years in the parenting game, I’ve concluded that a sudden change in sleeping patterns usually accompanies some kind of a developmental phase. Anyway, I digress, this resulted in a tired Toad and an equally spaced out Mummy. It was my Dad’s birthday, so the little guys and I had a trip out to wish him a happy birthday and returned home in time for Tiny to have a nap. Given that Toad was exhausted from a lack of sleep, I had decided that he and I would have a cuddle on the sofa in front of a film while Tiny napped. And, somehow, between that thought and the short trip from the hall to the sofa, he impaled his cheek on the corner of the coffee table.

I have two sons, I need to get used to sudden trips to the ED (it’s A & E to me and always will be – I don’t care if I am old fashioned. Not one bit!) as I am sure this will be the first of many. I am not going to get used to it – ever.

Our local minor injuries sent us to A&E in Plymouth – maxillofacial docs needed to look at him because of prominent location and the scarring potential and, there, he was finally patched up and the healing process could begin.


Toad was an absolute star, he really was. I am, truthfully, still a bit of a mess.

Tonight I found him asleep in bed hugging his Certificate of Bravery.


It’s moments like that when my heart melts…it melts multiple times a day.

It just so happened that, a few hours before ‘the Fall’, I had finally placed the yarn order that I had been pontificating over since  Christmas and, by even greater fortune, the postman rang my doorbell with my deliciously, squishy, exciting parcel early on Saturday morning. Rarely has there been as well timed a yarn delivery as that.

The Toad and his Daddy were on a return visit to Plymouth to see a consultant who would decide if he needed a general anaesthetic and stitches (you try holding a three year old still for such a procedure!).  The Big Boys left for the hospital before 7am and I stayed behind waiting for Tiny to wake. The plan was for us to follow the Big Boys up to Plymouth such that I could be there if Toad needed the GA.

No sooner had Tiny and I taken delivery of yarn, than Daddy sent me a text saying that Toad had been patched up again, no stitches were needed and they were coming home.

I can’t remember the last time that I felt relief like that. I’m still terrified about the scarring and keep re-living the moments immediately after the Fall but, for now, it’s over. I had had good news and I had a brand new yarn delivery winking at me and begging me to pick up a hook and create.

I love receiving packages from Wool Warehouse. They are beautifully presented and you can feel the love and care in each and every parcel. Just look how delightfully inviting Saturday morning’s package was:


I adore bright colours – our kitchen is turning into quite a riot and, just before the Fall, I had been day dreaming about creating a coaster for my beloved teapot that will echo the brights of both my kitchen and my pot. For that, I have chosen these shades of Lily Sugar n Cream:


It’s lovely aran weight 100% cotton yarn and I am finding it quick and fun to hook with.

As much as I adore a splash of colour, I also delight in creating calm amongst the daily clatter. We have created just that in our lounge (which still needs a lick of fresh paint) and bedroom (which is also semi-finished). No bright colours in those rooms which makes them wonderfully chilled, child free havens once the Little Guys are in bed and any stray toys are re-homed.

It’s the lounge which plays host to my second New Year’s day dream. It needs a throw, one that’s in my mind’s eye.  It needs to be luxurious, delicate, cosy and inviting all at the same time. For that I have chosen:


More of that later. I have no exact pattern in mind as yet and my throw mojo hasn’t quite warmed up. But it will…once I’ve got the current must make out of my system.

And that must make is all about my tea pot.

Here’s the start of my teapot stand/coaster.  Do they have a proper name? I think I should know that. After the drama of Friday, I just needed to go with the flow. No pattern, no planning, just let the hook show where it wanted to take me and the colour changes happen organically.

IMG_0024 IMG_0027

I’m making it to tone in with the table cloth in the background of these shots and, of course, my tea pot. Somehow, by magic, the spacing worked and I barely had to frog any of it. As I hooked, I relaxed and my shoulders dropped from right up by my ears back down to somewhere near where shoulders should be.

IMG_0035 IMG_0039

I wanted colour but I didn’t want it to be busy – the teapot does that all by itself. This was a project that I picked up and put down almost as methodically as I hooked. All but the edging are worked in (UK) half-treble crochet so it grew quickly and after only 9 rounds it needed to grow no more.


Apologies for the poor quality of what is my first ever whoooo hoooo moment – it was taken at 11pm last night and the light has been so poor today that it wasn’t worth re-taking. But, I couldn’t wait to share.

I need to admit that I am not entirely sure that I love the scalloped edging but I wanted a vintage feel and I am not sure I could picot with aran weight yarn to make it look pretty enough. I can’t stop nipping into the kitchen to take a peek – I guess I must be pretty pleased after all.

My husband is a great (and willing) sounding board and, as I finished round four, we both remarked that what I had made would make a great coaster.

Boys in bed (all three of them!) house to myself and those coasters just flew off my hook. So wonderfully therapeutic. This fabulous craft called crochet, once again, saved my sanity and I’m pretty sure that it won’t be the last time.

The set is not quite finished – I am going to make another coaster in ‘jute’ and ‘hot pink’ just for my little milk jug and the ends of each coaster need darning in. I think I might just treat myself to another whoooo hoooo moment then. I may even make my first attempt at blocking in honour of that moment too.

…and I have a head full of what else I am going to do with more Sugar n Cream. I think me, my hook and the Sugar n Cream are about to stage a kitchen take over. In fact, I know it.

…and tiny never did get Friday’s nap.


3 thoughts on “Are you still calling it A&E? Don’t be old fashioned, it’s been the ED since 2002.

  1. Nerve-wracking! It doesn’t always stop when they get older, either. My son was in his twenties when he had a fall and put his hand down on a sharp edge. There was a dead silence and then he said quite calmly ‘I seem to be bleeding.’ Nine stitches at 11:30 pm.
    Love the yarn…


  2. Sounds like you dealt with it all very calmly (you should have had a bravery certificate too!) I hope he heals quickly. My little boy is a pointy/jagged/extremely hard surface magnet! I think most boys are. I love your choice of yarn especially that pink……I wonder if I could sneak an order past my other half? Hmmmmm onto Deramores! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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