New year’s toys for my boys

Tiny and Toad had me busy on New Year’s day afternoon…really, I suppose you could say that, I had them busy.

I decided to start as I mean to go on and therefore, rather than veg out with a cup of tea and a film (which is what I really did want to do, at least to begin with), I fired up Pinterest and gathered together ingredients for two activities that I had been intending to get stuck into long before 2014 ended. Indoor snowmen and home made play dough.

I love messy play, watching my children’s delight as they experience new textures and smells and create in a way that is unique to them is one of life’s great delights. We’ll leave the tidying up for another post!

Indoor snowmen

We followed the recipe from Modern Parents Messy Kids which is really simple – all you need is shaving foam and cornflour. Combining the two creates something that actually behaves just like snow but smells like clean men!



Ours was slightly tinged blue too. It smooches into a ball just like the real deal and then flakes into powder an back again.


It occupied T & T who are 1 and 3 for nearly an hour. The clean up…well that occupied me for almost as long, but it was worth it to watch them experience this wonderful new texture. Toad even decided to include his dumper truck in the mayhem.

Play dough

Tidying up done, challenge two was home made play dough. There are many, many recipes on Pinterest, but we picked this one – it wasn’t until searching for the link for this post that I noticed that it is another one from Modern Parents Messy Kids. I think that I am drawn to the beautiful simplicity of their photos and, I’ve got to admit, the fact that it uses jelly was a pretty big draw. Tiny thinks it’s brilliant for rolling (not that he can actually properly use a rolling pin – but that’s a minor detail).

I hope that T&T have had a good start to the new year.

My own creative endeavours have had something more of an erring start. My crochet mojo has gone missing. I was so incredibly inspired by Christmas that I’ve now hit a bit of a black hole. So, yesterday, I ordered some new hooks. Pretty, colourful ones and I’m starting to mindlessly surf Ravelry again, so I’m pretty sure that it’s just hiding and isn’t gone forever.

I’ve got an Attic 24 Neat Ripple that’s I started whilst on holiday in June that I am starting to feel the need to finish…but I’ve lost my favourite 4mm hook. Ah, ha, but there’s one coming in my new set tomorrow and I’m hoping that that will be the start of my 2015 crochet journey. It’s a throw for the sofa in our kitchen/diner and those lovely happy colours are just the tonic for these long grey winter days. I really hope that 4mm hook arrives in the post tomorrow!

Here’s the start of my ripple – hopefully I’ll be posting the finished article very soon.


Oh, and one lat thing – this year is going to be the year of the tea pot. There is something so wonderfully indulgent yet reassuringly simple about tea made in a pot and it has become my preferred way to drink tea. When we moved I daydreaming about drinking tea made in a beautiful tea pot whilst sitting in the kitchen with friends and on Friday I was actually organised enough to achieve it and that made me very happy. The only missing detail was the home made cakes – but I have the stand for them, so that’s a start!


Just look at this beautiful tea cosy that my Mum gave me for Christmas.I think it was my favourite gift. Apart from this one that is:


The label read “This is us Mummy”.

It really was a magical Christmas.

Happy New Year!!

May it be happy, healthy and heartwarming.


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