We’ll take a cup ‘o kindness yet

In amongst all of the resolutions, the forward planning and the hopes and dreams for 2015, I find myself reflecting on the mixed bag a of year that 2014 has been.

There have been tremendous highs – we moved to Cornwall – that’s something that we have been dreaming of since we bought our first house in 2006 – and we’ve set about the easy task of falling in love with both the bricks and mortar and this part of south-east Cornwall that we now have the pleasure of calling home. We’ve celebrated F’s first birthday and O’s third, G’s brother’s wedding and the shaking off of an albatross or two.

There have also been trying lows – F, whilst a happy, bright little fellow, has been quite poorly on and off throughout the year which has tested us all considerably.

So on to 2015…almost. Just a pause here, to share a wonderful family walk at Siblyback Lake on an icy cold morning on 30 December. This walk brought light into what is, for us, usually the lull between G’s birthday on 29 December and New Year.

This is just how beautiful it was:




And this…

IMG_2489 IMG_2509


and this….

IMG_2485 IMG_2488

I am no photographer, yet the beauty of today’s walk was impossible not to do justice to even with my trusty old iphone.

Before today’s visit to Siblyback I had two resolutions for the new year:

1. To begin and maintain this blog; and

2. To lose that last 1 1/2 stones of baby weight – predictable, but necessary.

The beauty of our walk created another.

It is simple. This year, I will appreciate more and take for granted less.

Modern life is full of expensive fripperies – I am writing this post on one – and the simple wonder of the world around us is easily forgotten. This year, I will join in with marvelling at the beauty of the weird and wonderful curiosities that captivate my children, I will take time to walk at their pace and I will treat them, myself, and those that share this year with me, however briefly, to a cup of kindness yet.


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